Changes in version 1.0

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       Added an optional redraw flag into Chart.removeSeries in order to allow for multiple removes between chart redraws.
       Added support for user-defined data associated with a point
       Added support for reading user-defined data from full and short xml formats
       Added the setTitle method to the base Series class.
       Added getDataHandler method to base Series class.
       Added getUrl and setUrl methods to XMLDataHandler and CSVFileDataHandler classes.
       Added getArray and setArray methods to ArrayDataHandler class.
       Added getCSV and setCSV methods to CSVStringDataHandler class.
       Added coloredLegend property to Series to specify whether the series legend text should inherit the series color
       Added setColoredLegend method to Series in order to update the coloredLegend property after series creation




       Updated chart resize methods to monitor the chart container and update whenever necessary, this adds greater compatibility with other 3rd party packages such as Dojo when the chart is placed inside a window class.
       Chart.removeSeries() now deletes the series object which was removed.
       Modified series legend items to have their text color match the series color.
       Modified series legend captions to not wrap and display full text with a hint.


Bug Fixes


       Fixed event attachments to global objects such as document.onmouseup to use attachEvent / addEventListener
       Chart.removeSeries() now correctly removes the legend objects without error.
       Fixed an issue where tall charts could lose interactivity.