Changes in version 1.0.1

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       Added series.opacity property
       Added series.setOpacity method
       Added series.lineOpacity property
       Added series.setLineOpacity property                
       Added useUTC property to DateFormatter (default value == true)
       Added timezoneOffset property to DateFormatter (default value == undefined) Only applicable when useUTC is true
       Added series.legendIsVisible property (default value == true)
       Added series.showLegend and series.hideLegend methods
       Added chart.legendTitle property and chart.setLegendTitle method




       Modified to remove all code inside target div                                                                                
       Attach events to chart container to prevent selection
       Moved lineWidth property and setLineWidth method into base Series class
       Modified LineSeries to use lineOpacity properties
       Modified AreaSeries to use opacity and lineOpacity properties
       Modified ScatterSeries to use lineWidth, opacity and lineOpacity properties
       Modified PieSeries to use lineWidth, opacity and lineOpacity properties
       Modified BarSeries to use opacity and lineOpacity properties
       Modified FunctionSeries and TrendSeries to use lineOpacity property
       Text selection is now cancelled when drag/selection originates in the chart (except Opera) 


Bug Fixes


       Fixed hint and point selection issues when the chart is inside a scrollable container
       Added check and alert if attachEvent fails
       Setting y_min/max, x_min/max during chart creation now correctly assign extremes
       Fixed scaling errors when only a single Y or X value has been specified
       Added call to onBeforeZoom when double clicking to allow canceling of zoom out
       Added call to onAfterZoom when double clicking to zoom out
       Fixed BarSeries line drawing on Internet Explorer
       Fixed automatic resizing of y axis caption in IE when using setYAxisCaption()
       Fixed style sheets to completely hide axis when turned off
       Fixed style sheets to hide key grabber element and remove border and background from cursor position elements.
       Fixed issues with long series titles wrapping legend items
       Added additional exception handling to unload methods and storage and clearing of auto-resize interval
       Fixed errors when attempting to load empty data sets (applicable to all data handlers)
       Fixed error when loading BarSeries with a single point