Changes in version 1.1

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       Added new series type AnalogGaugeSeries
       Added onBeforeBeginZoom, onBeforeEndZoom and onAfterShowCrosshairs events to Chart
       Added support for local loading of chart code in IE 7 and IE6 with certain versions of the XMLHttpRequest ActiveX control.
       Added new axis styling properties to Chart: x_axis_size, x_axis_className, x_axis_tick_className, x_axis_stagger_ticks, x_axis_tick_count, y_axis_size, y_axis_className, y_axis_tick_className, y_axis_tick_count.
       Added Chart.setZoom and getZoom methods to in order to get the current zoom and set zoom to a particular range
       Added Chart.getMinMaxYInXRange method to programatically find the min and max Y values in a given X range
       Added Chart.findClosestPointInSeries method to programatically find the closest point to the coordinates (x,y) in a particular series
       Added Chart.getZoomBoxCoordinates method to get the current zoom box coordinates
       Added Chart.displayZoomBox method to programatically display the zoom box
       Added BarPoint class to support additional BarSeries functionality
       Added the ability to draw bars with different colors based on ranges
       Added the ability to adjust the spacing between bars using the new intervalOffset property.
       Added the ability to switch between grouped and overlayed bars with BarSeries
       Added a color pool to BarSeries for individually colored bars (similar to PieSeries)
       Added onBarNeedsColor to BarSeries for more advanced bar coloring options
       Added setDefaultColors, addRange, deleteRange, clearRanges, setIntervalOffset and setGroupedBars methods to BarSeries
       Added support for 'exponential' and 'logarithmic' types in TrendSeries
       Added showGrid/hideGrid methods with an optional redraw parameter to prevent immediate redrawing
       Optimized trend series calculation routines
       Blank X or Y axis captions now trigger the axis to be resized giving the chart additional space
       Added the ability to specify only changed members of child objects via the options property
       Added Chart.convertPointToPixel method to calculate document pixel top/left of a point in chart units
       Added Chart.convertPixelToPoint method to calculate chart point from a document pixels
       Added base AjaxDataHandler class, XMLDataHandler and CSVFileData handler now descend from this class.
       Added requestType property and setRequestType method to AjaxDataHandler for changing between GET and POST.
       Added urlData property and setUrlData method to AjaxDataHandler to allow assignment of POST data and GET url parameters
       Added onNeedsData event and setXMLData method to AjaxDataHandler to support 3rd party Ajax libraries for data retrieval
       Added reload flag to setUrl method (default = false) in AjaxDataHandler to allow for immediate data retrieval / series reload.
       Added Chart.allow_hide_error property (default = false) which allows error messages to be hidden and overwritten with non-error messages
       Added additional error checking and reporting into xmlrequestpool, errors occuring during series data retrieval via XML or CSVFile data handlers will be displayed on the chart.
       Added EJSC.utility.XMLRequestPool.fatalErrors property to define which HTTP codes cause a XMLHttpRequest to fail.
       Added redraw flag to Chart.addSeries in order to postpone full redraw until all series have been added.
       Added Chart.remove() method which completely deletes a chart from the page.




       Moved a number of private properties into the EJSC namespace for easier patching.
       Modified load/unload events to use utility.attachEvent method so that the methods are detached automatically
       Changed non-IE browser load of stylesheet to insert link tag instead of force load stylesheet via ajax
       Reduced minimum height to 60 px
       Tick container now positioned absolute in order to support additional styling options.                
       Added chart parameter to onShowCrosshairs event
       Removed case sensitivity requirement for locating support files.


Bug Fixes


       Consolidate references to html and head tags, clear references on unload to fix IE leak
       Fixed issue with attachEvent in Opera causing errors
       Added cleanup routine to series in order to remove references to legend items and fix IE leaks
       Fixed canvas cover positioning
       x_axis container left coordinate is now set to fix issues with table/float layouts causing odd shifts in IE
       doRecalcExtremes now called in resize method in order to re-adjust padding appropriately to the new chart size
       Fixed issues with drawing first series added when extreme values are static
       Fixed issues in recalculation of extreme values when no series data is available
       Fixed offset issues with hints and point selection
       Fixed issues with point selection routine when no point is selected                
       Fixed onBeforeDblClick event to send correct reference to chart
       Fixed issue with array data handler loading when array is empty
       Fixed scatter series to not draw line through center of circle                
       Fixed and optimized several issues with drawing and point selection within BarSeries with many bars
       Fixed issues with calculating spacing and widths with multiple bar series in a single chart
       Fixed issues with drawing and point selection in bar series when bar is only partially in view
       Fixed style issues with legend header and legend captions in IE