Changes in version 1.2

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       Added classes to better control and track axis bins (text labels)
       Added support for y axis bins
       Added support for shared bins between series (unused bins)                                
       Added coordinate property to Chart.y_zero_plane and Chart.x_zero_plane to allow zero plane to fall somewhere other than 0
       Added Chart.force_static_points_x and Chart.force_static_points_y (force_static_points works as before, for x only) to force bins when data is numeric
       Implemented Chart.y_axis_extremes_ticks
       Added support for drawing minor tick marks on the Y axis and Y axis
       Added Chart.onXAxisNeedsTicks and onYAxisNeedsTicks to allow for custom tick configurations
       Added support for auto sort in all applicable series / data handlers.  This is now set by default and may be turned off if data is correctly sorted prior to being handed to the data handler.
       Added support for color specifications as rgb(0,0,0), rgba(0,0,0,100) and hex (#000000) everywhere colors may be specified
       Added support for mouse wheel to zoom (controlled by allow_interactivity, allow_zoom, allow_mouse_wheel_zoom)
       Added Chart.addYAxisBin, Chart.addXAxisBin, Chart.removeYAxisBin, Chart.removeXAxisBin methods to support manual definition (and order) of axis bins
       Added EJSC.XMLStringDataHandler class
       Added drawPoints, pointSize, pointColor, pointBorderSize, pointBorderColor properties to EJSC.LineSeries and EJSC.AreaSeries
       Added support for new zero plane coordinate property to AreaSeries and BarSeries
       Added tree-style legend for PieSeries
       Added tree-style legend option for BarSeries (default true when useColorArray is true and treeLegend is left undefined)
       Added position and height/width properties to PieSeries to support multiple pie series per chart
       Added findCenter method to PieSeries to find the center point of a given piece                                                                
       Added getPoints method to PieSeries (to allow findCenter calls to provide a valid piece object)
       Added orientation property to BarSeries and support for horizontal bar charts
       Added total_value property and getTotalValue, setTotalValue, resetTotalValue methods to PieSeries
       Added [total] and [percent] as hint text replacement options for PieSeries
       Added x_cursor_position_formatter and y_cursor_position_formatter properties to chart to allow for a different formatter for mouse position display




       Consolidated and cleaned up xml parsing routines
       Consolidated and cleaned up csv parsing routines
       Cached many often used math methods for performance
       Modified extremes to account for manually added bins with no associated data in series
       Rewrote data handlers to better support text labels (bins)
       Modified pie series to correctly use lineOpacity
       Updated pie piece drawing to one path creation per piece
       Added check in AnalogGaugeSeries to avoid resetting innerHTML unless the label has actually changed.
       Added check of show_hints before triggering onShowHint event                                                                


Bug Fixes


       Added media attribute to link tag to fix printing issues in firefox/netscape
       Added correct headers when sending an xml request as POST
       Fixed case when last tick is missing while using x_axis_tick_count
       Fixed spelling - getZoomBoxCoordinates
       Updated lineOpacity to 100 (from 1) in PieSeries so lines draw correctly
       Added check for single 100% piece to remove line when drawn (fixed full circle drawing)
       Reversed __intercept/__slope properties in TrendSeries so they represent the correct values
       Updated number formatter to check for -0 as final output and remove - sign
       onDblClickPoint and onAfterSelectPoint both now function correctly when show_hints is false
       Fixed unterminated string error in TrendSeries
       Updated style to remove border when axes are not visible (ie, pie or gauge only charts)
       Fixed constant resize issue with pie charts (and anything with x axis hidden) in IE6/opera
       Fixed issue with series drawing multiple times when added and redraw is false