Changes in version 1.2.1

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       Added selectPoint and clearSelectedPoint methods to the chart.




       Enhanced support for chart with large numbers of series.
       Enabled initial implementation of Series.delayLoad (default true) which controls when a series triggers its data handler to begin data retrieval
       Updated PiePoint and PieSeries to correctly render float values for pie pieces
       Updated PieSeries to handle more 100% piece drawing cases


Bug Fixes


       Fixed issues with series reloading where auto calculated extremes were not reset with new data (affected all series)
       Fixed print rendering issues in all browsers except Opera.  The chart now renders as show on screen when printing.                
       Fixed XYPoint class to properly recognize the Y value as a number as opposed to a string.
       Fixed inheritance issue with ArrayDataHandler
       Fixed issues with clearing the chart when all loaded series are set invisible
       Fixed PieSeries reload method to reset available colors
       Fixed BarSeries treeLegend property to function properly when useColorArray is false
       Fixed BarSeries reload method to reset available colors
       Fixed range drawing in AnalogGaugeSeries to correctly connect arcs before filling
       Fixed issue with x axis labels not aligning correctly when allow_interactivity was false