Changes in version 1.3

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       Added AreaSeries.closeLine property which determines if the line should return to the zero plane and draw as a closed shape.
       Added PieSeries.findCenterOfCurve(point) method
       Added support for SVG exporting




       Modified axis to write out ticks and labels less often
       Line and scatter series are now split into smaller draws in order to support larger data sets in IE
       BarSeries point selection now accounts for proximity_snap setting and the bar's line width
       Added support for text labels (bins) to TrendSeries


Bug Fixes


       Updated color conversion routine to fix issues in IE
       Added additional logic to ajax data handlers to prevent double loading
       Corrected resize issue in IE which could cause an 'Invalid Argument' error                
       Updated extremes calculations to correct issues with negative numbers
       getYExtremes() now correctly returns the y axis extremes
       Added additional offset checks in point location routines to account for quirks mode in various browsers
       Fixed issues with xml data handler and processing string values
       PieSeries data points now correctly save and display their labels if defined
       Corrected drawing issues in BarSeries with negative numbers
       Fixed BarSeries drawing in IE with a large number of points
       Corrected BarSeries draw in IE to close the bar line
       Updated PieSeries to reset its available colors correctly when reloading