Changes in version 2.0.1

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Version 2.0.1


New Features


       Added Series.getPadding, Series.setPadding methods
       Added Series.padding property
       Added Chart.legend_state (normal, minimized)
       Added Chart.legendMinimize, Chart.legendRestore, Chart.getLegendState methods
       Added ignoreBounds parameter to Axis.pointToPixel


Bug Fixes


       BarSeries / FloatingBarSeries - Fixed dimension calculation which caused bars to be missed if the mouse was close to an axis
       BarSeries / FloatingBarSeries - Updated point location / distance to return exact matches when the mouse is within a bar
       Fixed issue with chart files when in a directory named ejschart_
       Corrected issue with axis.force_static_points and cursor position
       Corrected issue with legend icons causing non-secure warning in https session
       Added catch to all try/finally statements to account for IE bug
       Corrected adjustment to so that crosshairs position exactly under the cursor                                                                                
       Renamed variable int to interval to correct Safari 2 parse issue
       Updated default series padding to account for axis assignment
       Corrected issue with horizontal bars not drawing when rendered 1 pixel wide


Documentation Updates


       Added documentation for META tag options
       Added documentation for Series.findClosestByPoint and Series.findClosestByPixel