Changes in version 2.1

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Version 2.1


New Features


       Added treeLegendRoot property to StackedBarSeries
       Added left and right as valid property values for PieSeries.position and AnalogGaugeSeries.position
       Added defaultColors, useColorArray and onBarNeedsColor to StackedBarSeries
       Added the ability for StackedBarSeries to share a single color array among all owned series
       Added support for IE8 RC1 (and most previous betas) in all modes
       Added chart.setShowLegend method
       Performance increases in IE when drawing multiple series and/or series with large numbers of points
       Added support for gaps in LineSeries (use a blank string as Y)
       Added getBarSizeInPoints to BarSeries and descendant classes


Bug Fixes


       Corrected several IE related memory leaks
       Corrected memory leaks related to Ajax requests (affected all browsers)
       Corrected memory leaks when removing charts from a page repeatedly without refreshing
       Corrected parameter name for CSVStringDataHandler.setCSV
       Fixed AreaSeries draw when series contains more than 5000 points in IE
       Fixed incorrect parsing of numeric Y values in Stock Series
       Updated chart.onBeforeSelectPoint, onAfterSelectPoint, onShowHint to send the correct value for the HoverOrSelect parameter
       Corrected error when trying to get/set axis captions
       Corrected issues with certain data handlers corrupting data when Object.prototype has been modified
       Fixed issues with legend movement when the chart was inside a scrollable container
       Corrected Axis.pointToPixel so that it returns the proper value when given a string (bin)
       Corrected double loading of data when using JSONStringDataHandler
       Removed the ability for closeLine to affect drawing in LineSeries
       Corrected issues with AreaSeries drawing when closeLine was false in Safari
       Corrected AreaSeries drawing in IE when more than 5000 points exist
       Corrected issues with extremes calculations in StackedBarSeries