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object cursor_position = {

               show: false,

               color: "#F00",

               textColor: "#FFF",

               formatter: undefined,

               caption: undefined,

               className: undefined





Defines the display properties of the cursor position feature for an axis.  These properties may be used to turn the cursor position indicator on and off as well as configure the styling and color.


               show: determines whether or not to display the cursor position while the mouse is within the chart area

               color: sets the background and line color

               textColor: sets the text color

               formatter: defines a formatter to use when displaying coordinates, if left undefined it will use the axis formatter

               caption: defines text to use as a prefix to the current coordinate

               className: a CSS class name to be used for additional styling




>> Turn on cursor position for the bottom axis and configure to display a related label


var chart =  new EJSC.Chart( "chart", {

       axis_bottom: {

               cursor_position: {

                       show: true,

                       caption: "Sales"



} );