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object minor_ticks = {

               show: false,

               color: "rgb(0,0,0)",

               opacity: 20

               thickness: 1,

               count: 7,

               size: 4,

               offset: 0





Defines the properties of the minor tick marks to be drawn on the axis.  The color, opacity and thickness (width of ticks in pixels) properties define the style of the tick marks.  The count property defines the number of tick marks to be drawn between each major tick mark.  The size property defines the height of the ticks (in pixels or percent).  The offset property defines the distance away from the axis the minor tick marks begin drawing.





>> Display red minor tick marks on the bottom axis


var chart =  new EJSC.Chart( "chart", {

       axis_bottom: {

               minor_ticks: { show: true, color: "#FF0000" }


} );