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object zero_plane = {

               color: "rgb(0,0,0)",

               show: false,

               opacity: 100,

               thickness: 1,

               coordinate: 0





Defines the properties of the zero plane line to be drawn at 0 (or whatever the coordinate property is set to). It is used to specify if the line should be shown as well as its color, thickness and opacity.  The coordinate property allows the base of EJSC.BarSeries, EJSC.StackedBarSeries and EJSC.AreaSeries changed.





>> Display a 2 pixel thick dark green line on the zero plane of the left axis


var chart =  new EJSC.Chart( "chart", {

       axis_left: {

               zero_plane: { show: true, color: "rgb(7,89,5)", thickness: 2 }


} );