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object major_ticks = {

               thickness: 1,

               size: 4,

               color: undefined,

               opacity: 100,

               show: true,

               increment: undefined,

               offset: 0





This set of properties defines the characteristics of the major ticks for a given axis.


               thickness: the height or width (depending on axis orientation) of the tick mark

               size: the amount the tick mark extends from the axis border, may be specified as a number or a string containing % for a percentage

               color: the color of the tick marks, if left undefined this property inherits its value from EJSC.Axis.color

               opacity: the opacity of the tick marks

               show: specifies whether to draw the tick marks

               increment: (values: regex('([0-9](.*))[YMWDHNSZ]'))

               offset: distance in pixels or percent from the axis border to begin drawing the tick marks,