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OpenHighLowCloseSeries renders its point data as vertical lines with optional horizontal "wicks" to express open and close values.


The constructor expects an instantiated EJSC.DataHandler descendant and an optional set of object properties.




               EJSC.OpenHighLowCloseSeries( EJSC.DataHandler dataHandler [, object options] )




var mySeries = new EJSC.OpenHighLowCloseSeries(

               new EJSC.ArrayDataHandler([[1,10,1,2,9],[2,20,7,10,19]]),

               { title: "New OpenHighLowClose Series" }




Defining Properties and Events


OpenHighLowCloseSeries properties may be set individually after the series has been created or in batch using the options parameter during instantiation.


Setting properties individually


               var mySeries = new EJSC.OpenHighLowCloseSeries(new EJSC.ArrayDataHandler([[1,10,1,2,9],[2,20,7,10,19]]));

               mySeries.lineWidth = 1;

               mySeries.title = "New OpenHighLowClose Series";


Setting properties in batch


               var mySeries = new EJSC.OpenHighLowCloseSeries(

                               new EJSC.ArrayDataHandler([[1,10,1,2,9],[2,20,7,10,9]]),

                               { lineWidth: 1, title: "New OpenHighLowClose Series" }