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object padding = {

               x_axis_min: undefined,

               x_axis_max: undefined,

               y_axis_min: undefined,

               y_axis_max: undefined





The padding property may be used to override the series default padding.  Padding is the amount of pixels added to the min and max series values in order to push the extremes and prevent the series from hitting the edge of the chart.


The amount of default padding is dependant upon the series type and axis configuration and may not be applicable to all series types.


This property is only applicable during series creation.  To retrieve or modify the series padding after creation please see Series.getPadding() and Series.setPadding()





>> Remove all padding from the BarSeries


var barSeries = new EJSC.BarSeries(new EJSC.ArrayDataHandler([..data..]), {

               padding: {

                               x_axis_min: 0,

                               x_axis_max: 0,

                               y_axis_min: 0,

                               y_axis_max: 0


} );