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The TrendSeries is rendered as a line based on the results of a function applied to the related series' data points.


The constructor expects a reference series, a trendType and an optional set of object properties.


The trend series then “trends” the data in that referenceSeries according to the trendType into a function, and plots the function in the visible area of the chart.




               EJSC.TrendSeries( EJSC.Series referenceSeries, string trendType, {object options} )


Valid options for trendType:








var mySeries1 = new EJSC.ScatterSeries(...);

var mySeries2 = new EJSC.TrendSeries(



               { title: "New Trend Series" }




Defining Properties and Events


TrendSeries properties may be set individually after the series has been created or in batch using the options parameter during instantiation.


Setting properties individually


               var mySeries = new EJSC.TrendSeries(myDataSeries, "linear");

               mySeries.lineWidth = 2;

               mySeries.title = "New Trend Series";


Setting properties in batch


               var mySeries = new EJSC.TrendSeries(



                               { lineWidth: 2, title: "New Trend Series" }