Version 1.x Compatability

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We have moved a significant number of properties and methods into separate classes to support multiple axes and new series types.  You may find that properties used in charts you have already developed no longer have the effect expected on your charts.  To help with the transition to the new code base we have included a version 1 compatibility JavaScript file. 


To have this code included automatically into your page, simply put the following tag in the page header BEFORE you include EJSChart.js:



                               <meta name="ejsc-v1-compatibility" content="true"/>

                               <script type="text/javascript" src="/EJSChart/EJSChart.js"></script>



This utility script will automatically convert the deprecated properties to their version 2 counterparts.


In addition, if you are using a browser, browser extension, or other JavaScript package which implements window.console, the script will log the deprecated properties being converted in order to aide you in upgrading your code.


Additional META tag options are described here.